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Here is an outline of Frequently Asked Questions and our answers. Please browse the questions below first to see if there is an answer to your query. If you have trouble finding the information you need, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How much does your service/product cost?
Our service is completely free to our visitors.

How do I add my name to your mailing list?
To add yourself to our mailing list, go to the "Subscribe" box, enter your email address and click the "Subscribe" button.

How do I remove my name from your mailing list?
If you have the time, please let us know why you are removing your name, and we regret you will not continue to receive our email offers. To remove your name from our newsletter mailing list, please enter your email address in the "Subscribe" box, click "Subscribe" and select the radio button labeled "Unsubscribe" on the following page.

What are cookies and how safe are they?
A cookie is a small text file (approximately 1 KB) that contains information that your browser needs to remember, particularly during online shopping sessions. If you've ever shopped online, the way the browser remembers what items you choose to buy is through a cookie, so they are relatively safe.

Are any coupons available?
There are many coupons available. To find the ones you want, search by keyword. Keyword searches can be up to fifty characters. You may search for specific product coupons (e.g. shoes) or specific vendors (e.g. Famous Footwear).

Do the coupons change often?
The coupons on this website change every day, so please check back consistently for new coupons and offers.

Am I safe using my Credit Card on this site?
Yes, you are. Remember that as long as a site is secure, you are safe. So what does a safe site entail?

Make sure:
-The site uses encryption to protect your information;
-You verify that the lock in the lower right portion of your browser is closed, and that the URL of the page changes from "http:" to "https:"
-You don't use a debit card, as it does not afford you the same protection as a credit card;
-You don't ever give out your SSN or mother's maiden name. A merchant site will never need this information for legitimate purposes.